What I Do

Investigate the self. And yet: don’t take it personally! These contradictory dictums shape my work and thought. I am fascinated by how we know and control so little of ourselves yet keep trying to sound coherent and self-knowing. So in my teaching and writing I keep asking questions about what it means to be a self, and experiment with how different forms of pedagogy or genre elicit different answers. This practice emerges from the disciplines of critical theory, psychoanalysis, and yoga. And it extends from my analyses of contemporary culture to my own writing of creative nonfiction.

Recent Publications:


  • Take Her, She's Yours. Forthcoming critical memoir.
  • The End of the World as They Knew It: Writing Experiences of the Argentine South

    (Reviews:Javier Uriarte, Studies in Travel Writing; Nicholas Shumway, University of Toronto Quarterly.)

    Essays and Articles